It’s no secret that many companies are quickly adopting the Yocto Project as a technology upon which to base their Linux BSP development and support. Established by The Linux Foundation, the Yocto Project is a collaborative project composed of a number of repositories of metadata based on the OpenEmbedded (OE) open source technology. The Yocto Project has rapidly gained traction among semiconductor companies and embedded developers; in fact, Freescale has based its QorIQ BSPs on the Yocto Project.

This session examines the Yocto-based Mentor Embedded Linux integrated with a Freescale i.MX53 BSP. Attendees will see how Mentor Embedded Linux leverages the Yocto infrastructure and then learn common procedures for building a Linux kernel under the Yocto Project. Attendees will also explore methods to customize and configure the Linux kernel within the Yocto Project infrastructure. To get the most out of this session, some familiarity with OE/Yocto or another embedded Linux build system is recommended.


Chris Hallinan

Chris is a technical marketing engineer for the embedded systems division of Mentor Graphics.

He has more than 20 years in high tech companies in assignments ranging from engineering and engineering management, marketing, sales and business development. He spent four years as an independent development consultant porting U-Boot and the Linux kenel to custom boards. He is the author of Embedded Linux Primer, now in its 2nd edition. His writing has appeared in magazines including Linux Journal, Telecommunications Magazine, Fiber Optics Magazine and Aviation Digest.