IoT designs include sensors/MEMS, analog and digital on the same IC. Designing all three together on a single IC has unique challenges such as handling three different modes simultaneously. Watch this 20 minute presentation to learn about a complete flow addressing analog, mixed-signal, MEMS/Sensors domains together with system-level simulation and verification solutions.

All three modes (schematic, RTL, and behavioral) can be captured together and a system-level simulation or system-level verification can be performed. Layout and verification is easily handled when integrating the different domains including the ability to generate a 3D model of your layout for advanced 3D finite element modeling.

Attend this webinar to learn about:
• The typical architectural make-up of IoT designs and the associated EDA tool of creating and verifying such a design.
• What makes IoT design different than regular IC design.
• The Tanner EDA IoT product offering and how it can be used to address IoT design and verification challenges.

Who should attend:
• IoT design and verification engineers
• Analog and mixed-signal IC design engineers
• MEMS design engineers integrating sensors, digital components and analog IC
• EDA tools or Verification Managers


Jeff Miller, Product Marketing Manager for Mentor Graphics – Tanner EDA

Jeff Miller is a lead strategist and manages Tanner’s analog and mixed signal product lines at Mentor Graphics. Jeff started as an engineer at Tanner Research in 2002 and became product manager of Tanner EDA in 2007. Prior to joining Tanner EDA, Jeff worked as a design engineer on analog, digital, and mixed signal chip development projects for the defense, medical and commercial markets. Jeff holds a bachelors in engineering from Harvey Mudd College.