Device development and test teams in every industry are constantly pushed to deliver higher quality products faster.

With more complex architectures, iterative development cycles, and just more software overall, traditional techniques and ad hoc tools are no longer cutting it. Testing is often taking 30% to 50% of the project cycle, yet most companies are failing to deliver desired quality levels. Resolving runtime defects is becoming a serious bottleneck, delaying deliveries and adding risk to schedules and costs.

Please join us to see Wind River’s new solution, Wind River Test Management, a comprehensive system for device test automation that lets embedded software development and test teams work together to deliver higher quality software faster.

This webinar will explore the challenges facing device delivery teams and demonstrate this new tool’s powerful automation features for manual and scripted system test, white box testing, lab device management, runtime code coverage, performance profiling, and advanced diagnostics.

Learn How To:

  • Test more software, earlier and more frequently for each project
  • Dramatically accelerate run-time defect resolution cycles
  • Collaborate more effectively between development and test, even remotely
  • Efficiently manage progress, quality, and resources to lower costs while speeding time-to-market


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