Interested in jump-starting your TI Stellaris project?

Whether you are thinking of purchasing a TI Stellaris evaluation/development kit or in the middle of production development using the Stellaris platform and have a debug problem and need immediate support, the Sourcery G++ Integrated Development environment from CodeSourcery (now part of Mentor Embedded) provides a full featured toolset for professional development on the Stellaris platform.

Based on open-source standards such as GNU and Eclipse, Sourcery G++ helps you install, compile, flash & debug on Stellaris kits in just minutes.

What You Will Learn
Basic features and an overview of the Sourcery G++ product line for Stellaris
How to register and obtain an evaluation copy of the Sourcery G++ product for Stellaris
What are the optimizations in Sourcery G++ to accelerate Stellaris based development

Brad Dixon is a Sr. Marketing Manager at Mentor Graphics responsible for Android, Linux, and Nucleus. Brad has been at the nexus of open source and embedded software as a developer, FAE, and product manager since 2000. Previously at MontaVista, Brad has helped some of the world’s most demanding companies understand how to apply Linux and other open source technology to design new applications and devices. In addition to technical nuts and bolts, Brad is involved in licensing, quality assurance, networking, and security.