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Overcoming the Challenges with M2M Device Lifecycle Management

Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2013 | Duration: 60 minutes Webinar
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Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity holds the promise to transform the productivity and potential of virtually every industry vertical, from Transportation, to Healthcare to Industrial Automation to Energy Management and others. In most cases mobile connectivity is the critical network technology. There are parallels that can be learned from the mobile space, as we know it, but there are vital differences in the demands of the M2M end-point compared to that of a traditional mobile device. In particular, is the difference in the device lifecycle.

M2M end-point deployment lifecycles will be years, and in some cases decades, as opposed to the lifecycle of today's mobile devices that is often measured in months. This coupled with the fact that M2M endpoints are often remote and unattended dictates the need to not only monitor these devices, but also to provide software updates to those devices without the high cost of hands on maintenance.

Join QNX Software Systems and Deutsche Telekom AG for this webinar as we address these critical questions:

  1. How can you ensure deployed endpoints can be seamlessly updated and modified to meet changing requirements?
  2. How do you future proof the end point to ensure it will have the capacity to take on yet unknown needs.
  3. Who can companies turn to in order to enable and support these solutions?
Estimated Length: 1 hour, including Q&A

Who Should Attend: This seminar is best suited for Business developers, Software engineers and designers; Hardware engineers and designers; and System architects and engineers.

Nataliya Gencheva, International M2M Partner Development Manager, Deutsche Telekom AG
Nataliya Gencheva has spent the last 8 years working in a variety of roles with the Telecommunications industry. Six of those past years have been with Deutsche Telekom AG. She has been in her current role as International M2M Partner Development Manager since the establishment of DTAG's M2M Competence Center in 2010. Ms Gencheva is responsible for a broad portfolio of horizontal partners ranging from multinational corporations through SME and Start-ups. In addition to her role at DT, Ms Gencheva is also a Mentor for Berlin Geekettes.

Steve West, Senior Director Business Development, Mobile Computing, BlackBerry
Steve West is responsible for extending the success of new product and service innovation at BlackBerry. Mr. West is actively driving the proliferation of BlackBerry technology with a vision for it to be the foundation for connected computing platforms on a broad scale, across a number of vertical industries.

Prior to joining BlackBerry, Mr. West was the VP of Emerging Technology and Media for Alcatel-Lucent where he drove the success of the ng Connect Program, a vibrant multi-industry eco-system to foster broad industry adoption of ultra-high bandwidth technologies such as 4G and the next generation user experience it enables.

Mr. West also has a long history in telecom and high tech where he has been responsible for consumer broadband services development and marketing.

Mr. West holds a Diploma in Marketing and International business from St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and a Diploma in Electronic Engineering Technology.

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DFoote Posted Jun 6, 2013

The "Pre-Register" button for the Overcoming Challenges with M2M Device Lifecycle Management webinar takes you to a different webinar (EMC troubleshooting, measurements & common problems). So clicking on that pre-register button does not appear to actually pre-register you for the M2M webinar.


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